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House System

Our Pastoral System is reinforced by a vibrant House system that reflects the school’s culture and values. We aim to be an outstanding British School in Egypt, and as such we operate a traditional British school house system with the same house names and colours as those of our sister school Kent College in Canterbury, England. Augustine (purple), Becket (green), Chaucer (red), and Marlowe (blue) houses are based on historical figures with associations with the city of Canterbury.

In addition to enhancing a sense of belonging, support and pride, the house system promotes competition and high ideals of work and behavior. It encourages teamwork and creates leadership opportunities for pupils.

Throughout the year, Kent College West Cairo will host a number of inter-house competitions which allow all children to achieve success. These include Sporting, Creative, Academic and Performing Arts activities. House points are awarded on an individual, group or house basis to celebrate effort and success in all areas of school life including academic, behavior, extracurricular, and demonstration of Learner Profile attributes.

Points are tallied regularly, culminating in the end of year prize giving.


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