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Senior School Curriculum Overview

British Curriculum and IB

Kent College West Cairo is a British Curriculum School offering outstanding education following the British Curriculum and IB

  • Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

  • Key Stage 4: IGCSE/GCSE (Years 10-11)

  • Key Stage 5: AS Level, A-Level / IB (Years 12-13 "Sixth form")

At Kent College West Cairo we believe it is important for young people to fully understand the environment that they are growing up in. The Social Studies curriculum explores the people, society and community of Egypt.

We offer small class sizes in the Senior school, to allow for individualized teaching and learning in our spacious and well-equipped classrooms. Pupils will have access to specialized facilities for music, drama, art and Design & Technology, as well as a 400-seater auditorium, library, large sports hall, indoors swimming pool and Full size External Football pitch.



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Moral Education

Moral Education is taught in tutor time, there are four main objectives of Moral Education at Kent College:

  1. To build character traits that include resilience, perseverance, work ethic, critical thinking and discipline.

  2. To instill ethical outlook by teaching pupils ethical values such as tolerance, honesty, integrity, dignity, respect and humility.

  3. To encourage and enable pupils to become engaged members of the school and wider communities.

  4. To teach pupils about local and international culture.

  • The Moral Education curriculum is taught in a progressive series of units with each unit being assessed.

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